General Dentistry Explained

What is general dentistry? To put it simply, it is a dentist that can provide the vast majority of general dental treatments that you need to keep your teeth healthy.

Sometimes, if you have severe dental issues, you may be referred to a specialist. Still, your dentist will be able to support you through any treatment needed by providing information and advice.

A general dental professional may only cover certain age groups, so it’s important to find out who can be covered when you first contact the dental practice. If you have young children, you might want to consider a family dentist who would provide similar services for all ages.

What Treatments Does A General Dentist Cover?

If you are keen on starting with a general dental professional, you will want to know what kind of treatment they provide. General dentistry services usually include;

Restorative procedures

Restorative dentistry focuses on repairing or replacing missing or damaged teeth. Restorative procedures include;


This procedure is carried out following x-rays that can evaluate whether tooth decay or cavities are present. The dentist would then drill away any damaged tooth before filling the cavity. This would prevent further damage or food and bacteria from entering the tooth.

Root Canals

Root canal treatment removes any infected tissue from the tooth’s root. The dentist would then cap the tooth with a crown after using an antibacterial filling.


A crown is a cap that covers the real tooth. It can be metal or porcelain to blend in with your natural teeth.


A bridge replaces a missing tooth or teeth and is fixed to adjacent teeth or dental implants.


Dentures, also known as false teeth, replace missing teeth. Unlike a bridge, most dentures can be removed. However, there are some permanent denture procedures available.

Tooth extractions

If teeth are damaged or decayed beyond the point of restoration, tooth extraction may be required.

You would then have the option of bridges, dentures, or dental implants to replace the missing tooth, or you would be able to leave a gap.

Wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth are the last to come in, usually between the ages of 16 to 25. These can cause pain, infection, and cysts when they erupt and may need to be removed.

Laser procedures

Lasers procedures can be used to remove decay during the bonding process and in teeth whitening procedures.


This treatment addresses misaligned bite patterns, teeth, and jaws. Dentists and orthodontists focus on the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of this issue.

Treatments of this would usually include either fixed or removable braces, retainers, and headgear. In certain cases, you would require surgery.

Preventative treatments

Dentists focusing on oral health work to prevent a decline in your oral health by giving advice and providing preventive treatments that can protect against cavities and strengthen enamel.

Another preventative treatment carried out by general dentists would be scaling and professional cleaning of teeth. This removes plaque and other bacteria, leaving you with a healthier mouth.

By offering regular checkups, dentists can quickly diagnose and treat tooth decay or gum disease so it doesn’t lead to longer-term issues.

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How Do I Find A General Dentist Near Me?

Finding a dental surgery near you could not be easier, thanks to our handy search tool. Here at The Dental Register, we believe that everyone should have easy access to general dentists to ensure their oral health is cared for.

All you need to do is enter your location in the search bar, select any category you may need, and click the search button. In a matter of seconds, we’ll show you all your local dental practices, their contact information, and a map so you can see exactly where they are.

You will then be able to call or email the practice to make arrangements for an appointment or to ask any questions you may have.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is advisable to ask what age groups the dentist covers during your first contact. Many general dentists have certain age groups that they see.
    If you have children, you may need to consider either a family dentist or a pediatric dentist.

    Neglecting good dental care practices can result in gum disease, decay, and other dental issues that can cause discomfort and cost a lot of money to repair.

    Maintaining a dental care routine prevents many problems that can develop, and regular dental checkups will also help.

    Where a general dentist will cover the majority of dentistry, a specialist will focus on one aspect.

    Should you need specialist help beyond your dental professional’s scope, they would refer you to a specialist.

    Regularly brushing and flossing your teeth and using a good mouthwash helps fight diseases that may affect your gums and teeth.

    To ensure your oral health is as good as it can be, regular checkups at your dental clinic and following up on any advice or carrying out aftercare on treatments received is imperative.